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Holley Base Map Creation

Holley Base Map Creation

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Covers all Holley systems: Sniper, Terminator X, X Max, HP, and Dominator.


Why Choose Our Holley EFI Base Map Creation?

  1. Fast Delivery: Receive your base map in just 2 Business days via email. Upgrade to our Rush service for even quicker turnaround times.
  2. Custom-Made: Tailored to fit your unique vehicle combination.
  3. Reliable and Conservative: Our base maps prioritize safety, giving you peace of mind as you work through any potential issues.

How It Works:

  1. Acquire the Service: Add the Holley EFI Base Map Creation service to your cart and finalize your purchase.
  2. Submit the Form: You will receive an email with a comprehensive form regarding your engine and vehicle specifications.
  3. Obtain Your Tune: Return the completed form to us via email. Within 2 business days, we will generate a personalized tune and send it back to you.

This service offers a base mapping that may not fully optimize your combination's performance, but serves as a valuable method for getting your Holley-equipped vehicle running safely. While the wizard tuning is ideal for initial use, it lacks the safety and reliability of a more conservative tune due to its aggressive nature.


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